Camper 2014 - Corey

Out of the abundance of knowledge I brought home with me from the camp, I believe the two most important things would have to be my Testimony and the overall idea of actually living out what we say we believe. We can't hide or cower in the face of an ever more immoral society. We have to be the change. During the camp I truly became aware of the gravity of prayer - the immense Joy that it brings which we can then share with any and all that will pay any attention to us. I've been blessed with the opportunity to give my Testimony to a group of my peers at my school, and have been given the chance to speak to larger groups on three other occasions, one being to a large group of my churches parishioners...

There is no possible way I ever could have had the courage to speak out so loudly had it not been for Transform Your World and the tools they armed us with. I can say with utter honesty that I've never had a more personal relationship with God and Mary or had so much knowledge about who they really are as people and how they expect us to serve our fellow man more completely. Never before had I felt this immense and overflowing love for my Faith. 

The wisdom and experience I acquired to Evangelize in ways that would really get across to people of all backgrounds is beyond value. Additionally, I found a beautifully Catholic and passionate family at TYW. Nothing I've done could compare to my time with my fellow Evangelizers-in-training and the wonderful men and women who made it all possible. Truly it was the experience of a lifetime.