Transform Your World Evangelization Camp

Training the New Evangelist for the New Evangelization

The Transform Your Wold Evangelization Training Camp is a joint initiative of Casting Nets Ministries and Benedictine College that seeks to train and equip the next generation of Catholic evangelists to share the Gospel with passion and purpose! Now in its 6th year, the camp has trained over 250 Catholic students from 26 states and 45 dioceses to transform their world through the power of the Gospel!

This premier youth camp will train these dynamic youth how to be effective evangelists and disciples that will be able to bring the Gospel to all they meet. The participants will be trained how to help others develop an authentic prayer life, to dialogue about important religious truths and moral issues, to inspire their peers to authentic loving relationships in a chaste lifestyle, and to promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. All this while learning the fundamentals of sound evangelization.

Casting Nets Institute

This institute is a partnership between Benedictine College and Casting Nets Ministries to promote the New Evangelization amongst college students, high school youth and the Church at large. This partnership formed in 2013 is dedicated to encouraging Catholics to share their Faith and to give them the training necessary to do so effectively. Be sure to keep an eye out for more great opportunities from this endeavor.

Casting Nets Ministries

Casting Nets Ministries, a non-for-profit lay apostolate, provides a refreshing look at evangelization and catechesis. Our ministry is a resource for individuals, organization and parishes who are eager to answer the challenge of the New Evangelization. Tony Brandt, Hector Molina, and Chris Stewart have a combined 60 years of experience in almost every level and form of ministry, from youth to college, and from RCIA to adult formation. They have applied their unique approach to evangelization with astonishing success and in a variety of settings, including retreats, lecture series, keynotes at conferences, and in the classroom.