Camper 2014 - Isabel

Transform Your World has pushed me to be a PIERCING light in this world-- I think that sounded dumb until I really got an idea of what that means. It means that I am a person chosen by God, separated from so many others, to do what others are scared to do. And that is to proclaim that I am His follower...

That means that I live differently, act differently, think differently, and speak differently. I will, for the rest of my life get rude responses, hopeful responses, joyful responses and angry responses to this decision. The decision to LIVE FOR CHRIST. My hope for my life is that I will be a stepping stone to God for all the people I come across. I think this is what God is calling me to do, to point, with my whole life, to Himself, and to help others see and follow Him. TYW has really made what would have been just my religion, into the whole basis of my life. And I think through US He will transform the World.

Another thing that I really got from Transform Your World was my TYW family. We truly are a spiritual family, that's pretty awesome. We ask each other for prayers all the time and we are never failed by one another. We are prayer warriors for each other. In short: TYW has equipped me, and all of my fellow TYW campers to change the world, and that isn't an exaggeration.