Camper 2014 - Taylor

Transform Your World really did do just as it said, it transformed my world and the world around me. It was a miracle that I got to camp in the first place through money and travel plans and dates, amongst tons of other things. At camp, I met the most incredible people who loved me and cared for me, and who shared the same views as me on everything...

Meeting Chris, Tony, Jackie, Jim, Maria and Chris was phenomenal, meeting everyone has inspired me to pursue a career possibly in theology and Catholic evangelization, and even possibly entering as a religious sister. My counselors were so passionate, and I learned so many new ways to pray and praise God. Most importantly, the notes I took at camp were of such an intellectual level, I am honored to have been a part of such a group. The Holy Spirit really set me on fire while at camp. At the same time, my prayer life increased, and I was able to connect with a friend who had the same internal struggles as me and lead her to Christ. At college, I have had SO MANY chances to evangelize and lead a life of virtue. My roomate and friend always ask me questions about Catholicism and I can refer to my notes. I talk to another friend about praying with the monks and adoration and I get to share my faith at school! I could go on and on, what TYW meant to me was so much more than I ever could have imagined. It was just what I needed and I know God has called me in extraordinary ways this past year. I thank Him every day for TYW and Casting Nets and am constantly praying for my family from camp. 

Endless thanks and love,